April 21, 2014

Pen & Ink

I found some really nice wooden nib holders at a flea market and have since been playing around with Pen & Ink. I absolutely love drawing with a dip pen.

March 25, 2014

Working on Some New Signs

for The Jumping Flea Market..

Tits Out for Tuesday

March 6, 2014


This is a little story i've been covering since 2011 which has just taken yet another wonderful and wacky turn. But first, If you haven't read my previous posts about 'ÉÉNOOG' then please, if you have a moment to spare, i really encourage you to do so.

Read about the first time Marko and i came across Éénoog in this post from the 11th of December 2011, "Roadside Awesomeness in Belgium".

Then, read the tragic follow up to this story posted on September the 27th, 2012, "Not-So-Awesome Roadside Update"

You still following me? Great, because this story looks like it's going to have a happy ending. I received news last week that ol' One Eye has risen from the ashes and has since hitched a ride on an 18-wheel, flat-bed truck towards the Lowlands and is expected to be arriving back home in Waregem, Belgium at the HM International forklift company in approximately four days!

We wish Éénoog a safe journey home & 
Cheers to Hervé Missiaen for bringing the Big Fella back!

February 25, 2014

Sunday Jam at Café de Bel

February 10, 2014

Blue Sunday

Marko and i host all kinds of wonderful, wacky and obscure events in The Jumping Flea. Yesterday we held the very first 'Blue Sunday', a Cyanotype Workshop by Rens Horn. I say the very first because it was so great that we are definitely going to repeat this. Rens taught this so well and we had such a great group of participants. Just look at 'em!...

February 3, 2014

Just love my gorgeous new radio

The 'Saint James' Pocket Transistor Radio manufactured by Optalix of France, circa 1966/'67. Pretty ain't it? Click on the image to ZOOM!